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Forrás: hungarytoday.hu, 19 July 2023 - MTI
The new development hall of the Hungarian-owned medical device manufacturer Medicor Elektronikai Zrt. was inaugurated on Tuesday, with the Minister of Finance announcing that the government had provided support for the HUF 1.3 billion (EUR 35 million) investment from the Healthcare Industry Support Program, which created 50 new jobs.

Mihály Varga stressed that “when war is raging in a neighboring country and we live in an era of threats, the importance of self-reliance increases, and that is why we consider it a major achievement to open a health manufacturing hall in Hungary. In today’s wartime situation, such real market successes are the basis for looking to the future with optimism.”

He noted that it is becoming increasingly clear across the continent that Europe’s prospects are not favorable at the moment due to the prolonged war and sanctions. At the same time, the Hungarian economy has recovered from the Covid pandemic at record speed. And now,

we can see that the economy could return to its usual growth rate of around four percent as early as next year,

he emphasized.

Varga noted that when it became clear in the wake of the Covid pandemic that Hungary’s self-sufficiency in the healthcare industry needed to be increased, the government took immediate action.

In 2020, the Healthcare Industry Support Program was launched, one of the results of which is Medicor’s investment, including significant research and development:

the company is developing new ventilation systems and prototypes, the Minister pointed out.

Arnold Steiner, CEO of Medicor, presented the new developments: a mobile hospital and a new life-support system,  approved by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition.

The system can be used in peacetime, for the renovation of hospital rooms for intensive care, but can function as a stand-alone hospital in crisis and war situations too.

For the mobile hospital units, a technology has been developed – housed in a container – that can produce medically pure oxygen and compressed air from atmospheric air, hence it can be installed and used anywhere. The fleet also has a self-contained power generator to ensure a continuous power supply.

A data collection system has been developed, aggregating patient data and displaying it on a central server at the nurses’ station, or even at the home of the doctor on duty.

According to the company’s earlier announcement, the aim of the project is to create and commercialize a mass life-support system that can be used to ventilate a large number of patients at once in a crisis situation.