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Forrás: hungarytoday.hu, 06 Juny 2023 - MTI
Hungary has sent HUF 37.2 million (EUR 95,000) worth of medical equipment to Uzhhorod (Ungvár), based on a government decision to use the reserves in stock to treat wounded soldiers in the hospital there.

The consignment, which included ventilators, syringe infusion pumps, and injection medicines, was handed over by József Bacskai, the Hungarian Consul General in Uzhhorod, to the county’s officials and the chief physician of the Transcarpathian Regional Clinical Hospital of A. Novak.

The diplomat said that

in late spring this year, the governor of Transcarpathia, Viktor Mikita, requested medical equipment for the army from Hungary, and the government decided to meet the request from the reserve fund.

Bacskai underlined that “the current donation is another example of our country bringing help where it is needed.” The Consul General stressed that Hungary has provided humanitarian aid to its neighbor  many times; even before the outbreak of the war, it supported Ukraine with medical equipment, medicines, food, and other supplies.

During the pandemic, Hungary provided medical supplies worth more than HUF 6.5 billion (EUR 16.6 million) to Ukraine. Despite the outbreak of war, the vaccination program for children in Transcarpathia for the period 2017-2022 was completed.

The Consul General added that,

like last year, hundreds of Ukrainian children are expected to spend their holidays in different regions of Hungary this year.

Miroslav Bileckiy, Vice Chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional Military Administration, thanked Hungary for its continuous assistance and underlined that the cooperation between the two countries is not only good in the humanitarian sphere. As proof of this, he said, two new border crossings on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border could open soon.

György Jacina, chief physician at the hospital, said that the donation will remain entirely local and will improve the quality of care for civilian patients and wounded soldiers treated in the surgical ward.