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Forrás: dailynewshungary.hu, 22. May 2019 - Gergely Kolba
According to the number of deaths in the country every year, the number of people with circulatory and digestive system diseases, and residents with tumours and cancer, the situation regarding Hungarian people’s health and the healthcare system is the worst and weakest in the Central-European region.
Forrás: dailynewshungary.hu, 19. May 2019 - John Woods
Hungarian scientists discovered a method by which breast cancer can be diagnosed much earlier, easier and swifter. Their related article became the 30th most read in Nature magazine, one of the most recognised scientific journals in the world.
Forrás: dailynewshungary.hu, 2. February 2019 - Lilla Mezei

Hungary is undoubtedly among the European countries that have not done well in the recent research concerning public healthcare. In fact, out of the 35 countries, there were hardly any participants who performed worse than Hungary. As the 2017 report of the Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI) points out, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic could successfully catch up with the leading countries that are still the Netherlands and Switzerland, but there are still several countries where the healthcare system has not improved. Here are the results of the research.

Forrás: HungaryToday, 14. January 2019 - MTI

Hungarian hospitals performed 10 percent more organ transplants last year than in 2017, the state secretary for health said on Monday (14.01.2019)