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Forrás: dailynewshungary.hu, 11 November 2023 - John Woods
The Hungarian Institute of Medical Rehabilitation (Országos Mozgásszervi Intézet) only receives medication when payment is made in cash. In another Budapest hospital, surgeries faced delays due to equipment not arriving on time. The root cause? The sky-high debt of Hungarian hospitals.
Forrás: hungarytoday.hu, 02 November 2023
A Hungarian invention could put an end to hospital-acquired infections around the world, reports Világgazdaság. Resysten Hungary Kft. is a Hungarian biotechnology company with a ten-year history. It started as a family business and is now a global company with a presence in many countries around the world.
Forrás: hungarytoday.hu, 12 October 2023
Thanks to an EU project, the equipment of hospitals to support patient care has been renewed and the training of specialists has also been completed with the help of a HUF 15.3 billion (EUR 39.5 million) non-refundable grant from the European Regional Development Fund, the National Directorate General for Hospitals announced.