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Forrás: hungarytoday.hu, 04 July 2023 - Magyar Nemzet
Despite war and sanctions, the government is committed to improving the performance of the Hungarian healthcare system year after year, said the Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Interior at the Semmelweis Day Award Ceremony, reports Magyar Nemzet
Forrás: hungarytoday.hu, 17 May 2023
GDP data came as a rather pleasant surprise, but were basically close to market expectations. In services, growth was mainly driven by the advance of private healthcare, reports Világgazdaság.
Forrás: hungarytoday.hu, 16 May 2023
Ministers are going to Brussels, Commissioners are coming to Budapest, statements are being made, sometimes optimistic, sometimes stern, but we are still in virtually the same position as at the end of March, when negotiations were supposed to be over. What is the significance of the freezes if EU tenders are launched in the meantime, and what money could be coming soon? – Telex explains.
Forrás: hungarytoday.hu, 02 May 2023

Despite the dangerous international environment, Japan’s R&I credit rating agency has affirmed Hungary’s BBB+ rating, the Finance Minister announced on his Facebook page on Monday. Mihály Varga stressed that the institute is positive about the stability of Hungary’s financial system and the reduction of public debt.

Forrás: hungarytoday.hu, 02 May 2023
Private health care is miles ahead of public care, and Hungarians are choosing the first option in increasing numbers despite the high cost of services. Hungarians could cover these costs through a health fund, but this option has not yet caught on among them, despite its many advantages.