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Forrás: hungarytoday.hu 22 April 2022
According to the Hungarian Medical Chamber (MOK), the recently introduced increase in doctors’ salaries was of “historic significance,” but the quality and accessibility of healthcare continue to decline. The president of the MOK wrote in an open letter to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on behalf of the MOK that the quality of care in the system has actually deteriorated under the COVID-19 pandemic. They call on the government to consider the main problems they listed as a single entity rather than treating them individually, and that the reintroduction of an independent Ministry of Health would be a necessary condition for improving the healthcare system.
Forrás: hungarytoday.hu 14 April 2022 - Borbála Verseghi-Nagy
The operational staff has made the decision that paramedics will no longer be involved in PCR testing for suspected COVID cases. As of April 19, general practitioners and pediatricians will no longer be able to request PCR tests for patients at home or at OMSZ (National Ambulance Service) sampling sites. The change was announced by state Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller just before the long weekend. So from now on, anyone who wants to get a PCR rapid test will have to have this test done at their own expense, since family doctors only do rapid tests.
Forrás: hungarytoday.hu 08 April 2022 - MTI
Consumer prices in Hungary grew by an annual 8.5 percent in March, the worst inflation figures in Hungary in 15 years, quickening from 8.3 percent in the previous month, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) said on Friday.