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Forrás: dailynewshungary,hu, 20 February 2023 - Vivien Rima
There is little chance that the European Commission will release significant amounts from THE Hungarian budgets before the second half of the year. There is a simultaneous communication that EU funds could come soon, while more and more ministers act as if they are of no importance for the Hungarian economy.
Forrás: dailynewshungary.hu, 2 February 2023 - Hetzmann Mercédesz
The Hungarian forint has seen fluctuation in the past months like never before. We have seen the dollar cost almost HUF 450, we have seen the euro cost EUR 432. Right now, the USD/HUF rate is at 368, the EUR/HUF rate is at 394. The rock bottom seems far now, but how confident can we be?
Forrás: dailynewshungary,hu, 15 January 2023 - MTI
Hungarian industrial output increased by an annual 0.5 percent in November, slowing from growth of 5.9 percent in October, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) confirmed on Friday in a detailed reading of data.
Forrás: hungarytoday.hu, 15 November 2022 - MTI
Twenty-five billion forints (EUR 61.6 million) in non-reimbursable EU funding will be available to support the purchase of equipment for general practitioners and general paediatricians in Hungary.