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Forrás: hungarytoday.hu 14 December 2021 - Ábrahám Vass
The government recently destroyed some HUF 5 billion (EUR 14.7 million) worth of PCR tests, generating criticism. While officials say no one is responsible for throwing the tests away which was done according to professional standards, Hungary is notorious for the low number of testing, despite recommendations from experts.
Forrás: hungarytoday.hu 27 October 2021 - Júlia Tar
As the fourth wave is ongoing in Hungary, there might be some worrying numbers when it comes to those infected, as well as deaths due to the virus. A high number of people are vaccinated in Hungary but this alone may not be enough, according to more than 20 health experts. However, the Orbán administration does not plan to reintroduce restrictions and emphasizes personal responsibility and freedom of choice.