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Forrás: dailynews Hungary, 12 July 2021 - MTI
The European Commission will propose prolonging the assessment period of Hungary’s recovery plan, in which the country has requested 7.2 billion euros in funding from the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) designed to offset the fallout of the coronavirus epidemic, an EC spokesperson said on Monday.
Forrás: hungarytoday.hu 02 July 2021 - Péter Cseresnyés
As the number of people who have received at least the first dose of the vaccine against the Covid-19 virus passed 5.5 million on Friday, further restrictions have been removed in Hungary. According to the latest measures, and with a few exceptions, wearing a face mask is no longer mandatory in Hungary. There are also fewer establishments where immunity certificates are required.
Forrás: hungarytoday.hu 17 June 2021 - Tamás Vaski
The government has extended Hungary’s state of pandemic preparedness for six more months, allowing it to step in to the nation’s operations quickly if the coronavirus suddenly makes a reappearance. The state of preparedness is set to remain until December 18.