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Forrás: hungarytoday.hu 16 September 2020 - MTI
The government has capped the price of coronavirus tests at 19,500 forints (EUR 54) and decided that clubs will have to close by 11pm to curb the spread of the virus, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Facebook on Wednesday.
Restrictions on entry imposed from Sept. 1 will remain in place and the wearing of face masks will be made mandatory on public transport, in cinemas, theatres, health and social institutions and public offices, Orbán said after a cabinet meeting. The blanket visiting ban for hospitals and retirement homes will also remain in place, he added.

Concerning schools, the prime minister said that from Oct. 1, only teachers and students will be allowed into school buildings and will be required to undergo temperature screening upon entry.

We won a battle against the first wave and now we have to face the second wave. We’re now more prepared, more experienced and have a National Consultation survey to look to.”

Citing epidemiologists, the prime minister said the second wave of the epidemic was expected to peak around December or January, adding that Hungary would have to keep defending against it until then. “We have a strategy that centers on protecting the elderly and treating those who are ill while making sure that the country is able to function,” he said.