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Forrás: hungarytoday.hu 17 June 2021 - Tamás Vaski
The government has extended Hungary’s state of pandemic preparedness for six more months, allowing it to step in to the nation’s operations quickly if the coronavirus suddenly makes a reappearance. The state of preparedness is set to remain until December 18.

While restrictions in Hungary have been significantly lifted, the risks of the pandemic linger. Health professionals are in agreement that during the summer months the virus’ strength is diminished, but, similarly to last year, it may return as the temperature starts to drop.

The Hungarian government’s pandemic preparedness measures allow it to

  • place restrictions on or shut down events which may help the virus’ spread
  • restrict the operation of stores and regulate their hours
  • regulate the outdoor markets and fairs of municipalities
  • restrict or ban the visitation of certain institutions, mainly hospitals and educational institutions
  • lay down regulations for epidemiological quarantines
  • enact measures on social distancing, such as mandatory mask-wearing protocols and exclusive shopping times for vulnerable demographics
  • regulate or halt domestic and international travel or the shipment of goods
The government last extended the state of preparedness in December 2020, and that extension would have ended this Friday. Therefore, it is likely that these measures will be continuously be extended until the pandemic is over, or at least until it shrivels into irrelevance.