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Forrás: dailynewshungary,hu, 18 July 2022 -
The subscription period varies. It can be 3 days or up to 68 days, depending on your medical condition. So far in 2022, there have been 150 cases where a healthcare provider has had to intervene because they were unable to treat their patients.
Zsolt Pásztélyi, president of the Medicina 2000 Hungarian Outpatient Specialist Care Association, spoke about the results of a recent survey conducted in May 2022 in 44 member institutions to assess how long patients have to wait to get to a specialist clinic, infostart.hu reports.

The results show that waiting times have increased steadily in recent years. Pásztélyi said that this survey has been carried out several times. While in 2016, the average was 20 days, in 2022, it will be 30 days. The situation is worst in diabetology and angiology, i.e. the examination of blood vessels. The former has seen a 12.5 day deterioration, while the latter has seen an 11.5 day increase in waiting times.
The waiting time for an appointment is now 45 and 54 days respectively, writes 24.hu. However, there is good news. For cardiology, the waiting time has decreased by 10 days. But the average waiting time is still close to 50 days.
Zsolt Pásztélyi added that the pandemic has delayed services. As a result, waiting times have increased for general practitioners and specialised practices.