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Forrás: hungarytoday.hu, 03 July 2024

Although Hungarians would like to save money on their healthcare costs, they cannot. An increasing number of people feel they are being squeezed out of the public health system and are turning to private health care, reveals a survey of more than 11,000 people by Prémium Egészségpénztár and NN Biztosító. Respondents tended to spend more on private care, with 54 percent spending more on medicines and 73 percent on dental treatment.


The flow to private doctors is increasing, which is a considerable financial burden, writes Világgazdaság. 40 percent of those surveyed said that they would have been forced to give up important benefits without health insurance membership.

Members were asked how economic changes in the past year have affected or changed their health care spending.

One third of respondents feel that their lives are worse than last year, compared to 40 percent last year.

However, the majority of people can no longer or no longer want to save on their healthcare expenditure. In addition, an increasing number of people feel they are being squeezed out of public care or no longer have easy access to it.

Last year 54 percent, but by 2024 64 percent of respondents feel they are drifting towards private care, which is placing a heavy burden on patients.

While many would like to avoid spending on private doctors, they cannot:

the majority of respondents said they are forced to choose private care more and more often.

Last year, 30 percent of survey respondents stressed that they could not afford private doctors and preferred to seek public care, but this year this figure has fallen to 20 percent. Unfortunately, there may also be many who are essentially without care.