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Forrás: dailynewshungary.hu, 19 February
The city of Budapest will receive from central coffers 50 billion forints (EUR 149m) to be spent on health-care development projects in the next five years under an earlier agreement between the government and the municipality, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office and the mayor of Budapest said in a joint statement on Tuesday.
This year, 2 billion forints will be available for eliminating patient waiting lists for MRI and CT scans under a principle proposed by the government, the statement by Gergely Gulyás and Gergely Karácsony said.

Another 8 billion forints will be distributed among the districts to be spent on improving the quality of outpatient care, they said.

The funds will distributed among the districts “with no regard to the district mayor’s party affiliation or the local assembly’s composition”, the statement said. Preference will be given to districts lagging behind with health-care developments or where health institutions serve a larger number of residents, the document said.